• Binance co-founder He Yi spoke with Cointelegraph about what women need to do in order to make it in the Web3 space.
• Yi’s advice includes having a growth-oriented mindset, managing growth, and making decisions confidently.
• She also suggests that women should focus on being good business leaders instead of worrying about gender bias.

Binance Co-Founder He Yi Discusses Success for Women in Web3

He Yi, co-founder and chief marketing officer at Binance, recently gave an exclusive interview to Cointelegraph about how women can make it in the world of Web3.

Mindset for Success

Yi believes that having the right mindset is key for success in any industry — including crypto and decentralized technologies. She advises people to take ownership of their goals and be problem solvers in order to achieve them. Additionally, she says that women should forget their gender and focus on being good business leaders instead of worrying about gender bias.

Growth Management & Decision Making

In addition to having a growth mindset, Yi also suggests that women focus on managing their own growth as well as making decisions confidently. This includes taking risks when necessary and being assertive when needed.

From TV Broadcasting to Crypto

Prior to her role at Binance, Yi worked in television broadcasting and her family had expectations for her to become a teacher. However, once she discovered Bitcoin (BTC) and the possibilities of decentralized finance, her life took a different turn into crypto.

Advice for Women Entering Crypto

For those looking enter the industry but are hesitant due to unfamiliarity or fear of gender bias, Yi encourages them never set limits upon themselves: “Never set a limit on yourself.”

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