• Three launch lessons from blockchain-based freelance marketplace TopIQs
• Traditional freelance marketplaces take up to 20% of fees for any job
• TopIQs is a decentralized freelancing marketplace built on the Multichain blockchain

In the past decade, freelancers have faced many of the same frustrations when it comes to finding work and getting paid. They often spend weeks or months chasing payments or resolving account issues and fraudulent chargebacks, only to owe a high percentage of marketplace and financial service fees in the end. This is especially challenging for those just starting out in the freelance industry.

Enter TopIQs, a blockchain-based freelance marketplace created by BH Network in order to offer freelancers a more equitable marketplace. TopIQs is built on the Multichain blockchain, allowing it to provide secure, transparent transactions, as well as the ability to track payments in real-time.

Cointelegraph Innovation Circle member Steve Talbot, himself a former freelance internet marketer, is part of the team behind TopIQs and has offered a few key lessons for launching a blockchain-based freelance platform.

The first lesson is to focus on the user experience. Talbot believes that a successful platform must focus on user experience and make sure that the platform is easy to use and understand. The second lesson is to ensure that the platform is secure and reliable. Talbot states that security is of utmost importance and must be a priority. The third lesson is to create a platform that does not take too much of the freelancer’s earnings.

TopIQs helps to address these issues by providing a platform that is secure, easy to use, and does not take too much of the freelancer’s earnings. It offers a variety of features including integrated payment processing, a global network of freelancers and businesses, and a secure dispute resolution process. This ensures that freelancers get paid quickly without the usual headaches and can find work from trusted businesses.

In addition, the platform is designed to be transparent and secure, allowing freelancers to have full control over their accounts and data. This is further enhanced by the use of blockchain technology, which allows users to track payments and transactions in real-time.

Overall, TopIQs offers a unique and secure platform for freelancers to find work, get paid quickly, and maintain control over their accounts and data. With the help of blockchain technology, freelancers can now have a more equitable marketplace and reap the benefits of the freelance industry without having to worry about the pitfalls of traditional platforms.

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