Solana’s Network Slowdown

• On Feb. 25, Solana experienced a network-wide slowdown in block production
• Validators quickly downgraded the software to improve performance levels
• On Feb. 28, Anatoly Yakovenko released a statement about how the ecosystem plans to improve its recent upgrades

Six-Step Improvement Plan

• An adversarial team was formed to target exploits throughout the underlying protocols
• A second validator client is being built by Jump Crypto’s firedancer team and Mango DAO developers are building new tooling
• Local fee markets are being implemented for network-wide stability
• An investigation of what caused the initial outage is still ongoing with community updates when available

Community Response

• The initial response to Solana’s slowdown was one of frenzy with some users calling it a “transaction killer”
• The response to Yakovenko’s improvement roadmap was mixed, with some users saying it was “great to hear” while others still questioned Solana’s integrity

Key TakeawaysConclusion

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